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Dr. Carolyn Hoessler is an award-winning educational developer, Credentialed Evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society, and national consultant in evaluation, experiential learning and higher education. She holds a PhD in Education (Queen’s), a MA in Psychology (Wilfrid Laurier), and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology Research (University of Toronto). With over 15 years in educational development, Carolyn enjoys consulting and facilitating discussions on program learning outcomes to highlight the strengths of programs, SoTL to evidence and explore teaching, and aligned course design and experiential learning to focus and strengthen students’ learning. Furthering knowledge and practice, Carolyn teaches evaluation, data analysis, and research methods. Carolyn is the Senior Specialist and Founder of the national consultancy of Higher Education and Beyond and can be reached at


Dr. Alana Hoare is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the School of Education, Faculty of Education and Social Work, at Thompson Rivers University (TRU). She holds an EdD in Educational Leadership (Western), and a MEd in Leadership, BEd in Elementary Education, and post-baccalaureate certificate in Teaching English as an Additional Language (TRU). Alana’s academic interests focus on ethical educational leadership and culturally responsive governance and planning in higher education; specifically, the role of cultures and epistemologies and their influence on educational systems. Alana can be reached at


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