9 Research Questions

The purpose of SAIL is to inform broader development of an ongoing process for assessment of institutional learning outcomes that leads to improvements in curriculum design with the ultimate goal of improving student learning.

SAIL aims to align with the university’s collegial culture and institutional values, Ministry accountability, and standards of accreditation.

SAIL is underpinned by a collective desire to bridge quality assurance and educational development so that the processes have educational value for faculty members.

With these guiding ideals in mind, SAIL aims to investigate two overarching questions:

Question 1: What is the efficacy of institutional rubrics for assessing and demonstrating the degree of student achievement of institutional learning outcomes (ILO) in ILO-approved courses?

Question 2: To what degree can the assessment results be used to inform learning support planning and practices to continuously improve student learning outcomes?

In sum, the research investigates a faculty-led, community of practice approach for designing, implementing, and evaluating student achievement of ILOs using a shared rubric and collegial assessment of student learning and feedback.


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