How to Use the Handbook

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This SAIL Practitioner Handbook is based on our experience at a regional university in Western Canada with a range of comprehensive programming in a variety of delivery modalities. The action research design and resources described in this Handbook were developed with the local context in mind.

We encourage you to borrow and adapt our methodology and resources to develop a process that best fits your institution’s needs.

The audience for the SAIL Practitioner Handbook includes leaders and committees visioning how to assess institutional learning outcomes; and quality assurance practitioners, educational developers, program leaders, and faculty planning and implementing assessments.

The Handbook includes:

  • an overview of the SAIL methodology, including strengths and limitations, and the research findings;
  • step-by-step instructions for implementing a SAIL pilot project at your educational institution;
  • resources for quality assurance practitioners and educational developers to facilitate faculty learning and development, including rubric creation workshops and Assessor Training; 
  • templates and supporting documents; and,
  • articles for further reading.

Share and Adapt!

We hope that you find these materials useful in your own practice!  You are welcome to share and adapt the materials (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0); however, we ask that you include the following attribution:

Hoessler, C. & Hoare, A. (2022). Strategic assessment of institutional learning: Practitioner handbook. TRU Pressbooks.



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