What’s Next

Summer 2022

  • Faculty-led article was drafted and submitted for review; manuscript title “Strategic Assessment of Institutional Learning Outcomes: A Faculty-led Community of Practice Approach”

Fall 2022

  • LOA Report submitted to senior leadership and AoL Subcommittee for review and discussion
  • SAIL 3.0 project proposal drafted, submitted to senior leadership (including funding proposal) and AoL Subcommittee for approval
  • REB proposal amended and approved

Winter 2023 (Out of curiosity, is TRU ramping up for a 3rd pilot? Do the powers that be (and community) see value in continuing?)

  • Launch SAIL 3.0
  • Still pondering a few questions
    • How often should one undertake this type of initiative to obtain a meaningful image of student LO achievement? What could longitudinal data tell us?
      • Possible cycle of assessment is discussed in LOA Final Report (2021 and 2022); we recognize that there may be faculty interest to assess ILO achievement more frequently that may fall outside a SAIL structure but could apply the institutional rubrics and process detailed in this handbook internally by department or faculty/school
      • Longitudinal data could tell us the trends in student performance and provide feedback to instructors
      • Considerations to embed in faculty professional development or cyclical program review (optional)
    • Were there particular observations regarding disciplinary differences (in the rating results, or working with faculty from different backgrounds)?
      • Sample size (pilot phase)
    • What resource and commitment considerations are most important to note when setting up a program like this? And to sustain a program like this?
      • SAIL Coordinators (QA, EdDev) and project coordinator (admin) is very beneficial across the duration of the project, including submission of REB and privacy, and workshop/session facilitation
      • Governance (i.e., AoL Subcommittee)
      • Expenses (e.g., course release, event costs)



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